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The Common Anticorrosion Method of Steel Silo

Oct.10, 2017Keywords: steel silo anticorrosion, anticorrosion method of steel silo

Paint Anticorrosion
(1)  The principle of corrosion protection is to dissolve zinc powder in the solvent, auxiliaries and film forming matter to form zinc rich primer and be coated to the workpiece to be preserved, the film is solidified on the surface of the workpiece by means of a film forming matter. on the one hand, the isolation aggressive medium immerses into steel and then achieve the anticorrosive effect. On the other hand, the zinc rich paint has cathodic protection function.

(2)  The paint coating properties of zinc rich paint is of anode coating, but because its film forming matter is organism, with the time expand, the ever-changing of environment, the organism will be aged and powdery and up to invalid eventually, which will lead to the oxidation and abscission of zinc particles; On the other hand, because of matrix surface is smooth after acid cleaning and inactivation, the adhesion of zinc rich paint is reduced, and it is difficult to obtain the actual anti-corrosion effect.

Hot Dip Galvanized

(1)  The anticorrosion principle hot-dip galvanized is to immerse the workpiece to be plated into the melting metal zinc groove to make depositing process, so that can form pure zinc coating and subsurface kirsite film to realize the protection effect to steel.

(2)  hot-dipped galvanizing properties① hot dip galvanized coating is compact, can effectively prevent aggressive medium immersed in matrix to realize the cathodic protection to steel. ②hot dip galvanized coating is thin, generally only 30~50um, for some large workpiece can reach 85um, even if prolong the immersion time, the zinc layer thickness increase not too much, while the coating is not uniform, it is not easy to control. ③Coating bonding is poor, slightly better than zinc rich paint. Besides, hot-dip galvanized coating adhesion is directly influenced by the workpiece surface pretreatment quality. ④The single hot-dip galvanized coating anticorrosion lifetime is longer compared with zinc rich paint, this is mainly because it is decided by the zinc layer thickness.   

Electric Arc Spraying Anticorrosion

(1)  The anticorrosion principle of electric arc spraying is that make use of special spraying equipment, to make spray metal melt in low voltage and large current, the hardware form arcing and aluminized coating through air compression blowing to throwing sand and rust cleaning, sprayed with anti-corrosion sealing coating on it to form a long-lasting anti-corrosion composite coating. The metal spraying is as anode for cathodic protection of steel component, secondly, the thicker coating also prevents the aggressive medium immersed in the matrix.

(2)  The coating features combination is with high adhesion, its combination is incomparable.

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