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Tips for Steel Silo Maintenance-regular maintain and check (section two)

Sep.29, 2017Keywords: Steel Silo Maintenance

Import and Warehouse Operation

Timely inspection of steel silo and proper maintenance, is to prevent the accident need long-term implementation issues, and import warehouse operation right is equally important matters. The steel silo is because of thin shell structure, so in order to keep the firm structure, required to uniformly distribute by the pressure ring. Therefore, import warehouse operation requirements take correct loading and unloading center.

Placing into grain should fall to the steel silo center, and then around to the silo wall self, forms the top surface of grain bulk angle. Such food into the steel silo wall, the whole circumference uniform compression. If not using this way of loading into the grain, steel silo will begin to become oblate (from its original circular shape), and cause all sorts of problems

A warehouse operation also requires storage should be from the center to uninstall, until the bottom of the storage. If the centre of unloading is easy to produce the material blocking, then the eccentric auxiliary unloading, storage center at a distance of 25% a 30% radius of eccentric unloading position. For example, a 18 m diameter steel silo, 30% eccentric unloading distance of 2 .7 m

The center part of the burden to the floor before the stored grain, do not use more than the eccentricity of the unloading. Otherwise, storage will almost certainly produce accident. In the ultra rated eccentricity unloading occasions, close to the silo wall unloading grain flow, the first is to weaken the bin body circumferential uniform pressure, following at a distance of 1/3 to 1/2 of the height of the top of silo bin body deformation. Although the detailed mechanism is difficult to detect, but as long as there are dozens of tons of grain, then such improper unloading, storage bin can happen accident.

A truck or train freight carriage loading requirements, such as storage from the side unloading, you must use a warehouse conveying chute. Such as the use of a warehouse transport chute, before once again into the warehouse operation, you must first uninstall some storage center through the storage bin. Otherwise, the steel silo will show a flat.

The use of a warehouse transport chute, more grain from one side discharge which will lead to uneven pressure cabin body and become flat or ovate. The steel silo if not eliminate these non-uniform pressure into grain, silo shape change will exacerbate. The steel silo has presented the oblate shape, if not timely eliminate the uneven pressure, and many continue to import and warehouse operations, it will lead to the connection tear the silo wall and the top of silo.

Routine inspection is the warehouse daily management; each examination should focus on any abnormal change. Periodic maintenance inspection is more important to check, at least once a year, to arrange for a job unloading, filled with or otherwise check. Record form prepared scheduled check project should check every time before. Table 1 lists the main inspection items, but not the entire project.


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