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Steel Silo Maintenance

Sep.23, 2017Keywords: steel silo maintenance

Compared with the traditional concrete base, the protection cost of steel silo is very low, but if the usual protection work is not good, which still cause the a lot of trouble in the later repair, add repair cost , therefore, we should do good in protection work in the daily using procedure.

1、Frequently check if there is deformation in the wall of silo and the rib reinforcement silo wallboard bolt connect situation, if you find bolt dropped out, should make-up immediately.

2. After unloading , the tightness of empty silo should be checked often( access door, observation manhole door etc), doorframe and adjacent side plate, if the tendon has the phenomenon of deformation and crack, and adopt the protective action according to the actual state.

3. After discharging and emptying silo, should frequently see the connection of cone (special bolt connection) parts, welding, cone appearance, etc. if it appears welding deformation, soldering seam cracking and other abnormal conditions, you should suspend feed, so as to avoid causing the bigger loss.

4. Check if the top ring, technology hole (ventilation hole, manhole and temperature measuring hole, etc.) and other bolt connection part is intact, if the closing bolt is loosen, if the shim is damaged every month; Check the appearance corrosion and seal condition, find problems should be promptly protected.

5. Annual visual inspect for the silo top cover plate and channel, the antiseptic treatment should be done to the component appearance outbreak corrosion scene to avoid corrosion extension.

6. The steel silo is subordinate to such as the derrick, ladder, corridor, trestle bridge, etc. These should be checked and recorded every half year, special the paint and welding parts, the parts have the corrosion should do antiseptic treatment; if it has the condition of welding and deformation, should immediately adopt the remedial measure.

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