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Tips for Steel Silo Maintenance-regular maintain and check (section one)

Sep.22, 2017Keywords: Steel Silo Maintenance

Since the beginning of the 20th century,because of wear well, the food industry has been widely used in various steel silo. The steel silo is shell construction, if want to keep its form and sound construction, the exine needs uniform load. In view of the steel silo wall and the bottom surface of the bearing load is measured in tons of grain, so must be properly stored grain based design and maintenance. Although the steel silo is steel structure solid, improper use and maintenance, also will loss strength, and ultimately damage.

The main cause of the destruction of the steel silo is improper use and not timely maintenance. If regular check and proper technology in and out of the warehouse, the steel silo can be extended for a number of years of service life.

Regular maintain and check of the steel silo, first, check the basic parts, the foundation must be strong enough to support the load and storage to prevent the dumping of short positions or high wings tear. As a result, storage bin foundations do not appear uneven settlement, large cracks, concrete crushing, anchor bolt failure or loss and other symptom. In the space between the bottom surface and the foundation, should have a waterproof seal. Regular maintain and check of the steel silo, should also check the bin body whether to present the stiffeners bending, steel plate, bolt loosening and overall muster shaped and other non normal conditions, sometime will appear the bin body tilt, if appear those symptom, ensure the steel silo structure whether firm, it should be pointed out that some steel plate, especially some middle of the bin body is slightly muster under normal condition. However, excessive muster is corrugated steel plate to be sign of abnormal fold damage.  Some grain unloading, usually will reduce the storage pressure, but must be pointed out, when the grain warehouse unloading, storage silo wall will increase about 10%,if the storage bin are already on the deformation of the plate and stiffener, a warehouse unloading will result in a greater problem.As storage corrugated plate has abnormal fold, then, before without consulting the steel silo manufacturing factory technical personnel and correctly grasp the safety unloading storage bin method, do not carry out of warehouse unloading. In this unusual occasions, attempts to use conventional warehouse unloading device, may cause the whole warehouse disastrous accidents.  Need to carefully check each hole on the side wall. The access door hole steel silo side wall mostly provided some forms, but these holes must be properly supported, can withstand the circumferential stress effect. Other door hole, and the conveying chute door hole and a large diameter silo special front end grain loader into the barn door hole. If the door hole position has been pressing deformation, must take the decompression and correction measures. Bolt all fasteners should ensure that in empty into the grain are all installed. At the top of silo body, should ensure that the warehouse roof overhang in the symmetry of the vertical side wall. Silo if not keep the cylindrical shape, short positions anti blast load capacity greatly reduced. The bin top sides than the other side if extended farther; it shows that the bin body is no longer a cylindrical shape. Then, the bin top fastener may no longer effective field. Calibration should be returned to the bin body shape, cylindrical shape, You should also check the ladders crosspiece rods of iron corrosion condition, and to ensure that all field effective fastening bolt. These cross blocking iron is often rust from the inside to the outside. As presented in rust, iron strength has weakened sharply, must be replaced. Also be sure that the straight ladder safety shield properly fixed. Silo roof is often the first parts of the steel silo corrosion, should focus on checking. Because the silo top and group of bran often caused rust of the silo roof. Cabin on the top of the narrow corridor and downspouts seepage, also will cause the warehouse roof corrosion. 

Rust is the major factor affecting the service life of steel parts. Silo roof if has begun to rust, in the re painting before, should use the brush, scraper, sand or other cleaning methods, first remove the rust corrosion of parts. The past only recommend the use of zinc based paint, and now there are many kinds of high quality paint can be used. Owners and the steel silo manufacturers or local experts agree, to determine the most suitable for the situation of paint warehouse. If rust for many years, probably have to replace the whole silo roof. The steel silo manufacturers and experienced structural engineer can offer help to make a correct decision suggestion. when the short position, should check the problems of internal chamber body whether has the security of grain storage. To ensure safe storage positions meet all the job specifications. Check the short position, should focus on the view walls or whether residual mildew grain bin bottom. If the mildew grain, the following may have rusted steel. If only the surface rust, can be taken as the recommended measures to dispose of the silo top. Such as corrosion more serious, it needs to determine the corrosion steel plate thickness is retained. If you have very thin, it must be replace check the inside of the bin body, also includes the bin bottom seal check. As has been found bin bottom have water, needs clean the water, and use new the sealing glue, according to the provisions of the use of the corresponding selection of sealant, used in the outside or inside of the silo wall. Finally, should strength the reinforced wall inspection chamber body, have without deformation, the appropriateness of the fastening, whether or not rusty, whether a valid connection, and whether there are other anomalies. In particular, should focus on checking bin bottom stiffener is appropriate fastening. If the existence of these problems, before entering the warehouse operation, corrective measures should be taken.

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