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Steel Silo Introduction

Sep.11, 2017Keywords: steel silo, grain steel silo, grain storage silo

 The height and diameter of steel silo can be selected arbitrarily in a large range. The distance between two silos is minimum to 500mm, which can make the best of the space and reduce floor area. the degree of automation of silo is high, and it is convenient for users when equipped with temperature and material level device. Steel silos equipment consists of the following four aspects: 

1. The reservoir is equipped with a feed charge door.

2. The feeding can adopt various ways, such as chute, tanker and belt conveyor.

3. The top of silo is equipped with the dust collector equipment, relief -sensing device and breather valve.

4. The unloading and transport wind regime is provided by the roots blower, the discharging dust is equipped with dust collector equipment.

The steel silo adopts the special equipment for bending and biting, which can ensure the quality of any part of the silo, so the sealing is very good. If it can satisfy the technological requirement of chlordimeform and suffocating for stored grain, according to the material properties and technological requirement of solid and liquid and arbitrarily select cylinder material in many kinds of materials, which can make it widely used in food, building materials, brewing and other industrial fields, urban and rural industrial sewage purification fields as well as agricultural fields.grain steel silo

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