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Sunflower Seeds Storage

Oct.21, 2017Keywords: sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds storage

1. Storage Characteristics of Sunflower Seeds

The storage characteristics of sunflower seed mainly include the following points: (1). High oil content, easy to rancidity. The sunflower seed oil content is 40%~60%, after sesame ranks second, with high content of unsaturated fatty acid in oil (more than 90%), easily affected by light, heat, oxygen, occur the hydrolysis and oxidation, leading to rancidity. (2). The hygroscopicity is good, easy to mildew. Sunflower seeds are large, the porosity is large after forming a pile, easy to absorb moisture and mildew.(3).  High impurity content, easy to heat. The sunflower seeds in the process of threshing, which is often by stone roller or manual beating, resulting in the broken stalks, disk, calyx mixed with the material pile, is not to clean, after forming a pile, the gathering area of impurities will be locally heated, causing the temperature rise of the whole stack material.

2. The influence of sunflower seed storage and transportation on storage effect

Effects are as follows: (1).  In the conveying process, the friction between the material and the conveying equipment, material and material, easy to have the phenomenon of peeling and breaking, adversely affect the safe storage. (2). The other impurities and material is easily mixed in transport link, which bring difficulty to safe storage. (3) During storage, sunflower seeds are highly susceptible to be influenced by the external temperature, especially in the summer, The material in silo is influenced by the outside temperature and humidity to oxide and rancidity, even mildew, cause catastrophic harm on the storage quality.

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