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Discussion on Grain Safe Storage of Steel Silo

Oct.25, 2017Keywords: grain safe storage, grain steel silo, how to ensure safe grain storage

The safe grain storage of steel silo  will be discussed in this article.

Due to the thin silo wall, large temperature difference between inside and outside, so appear the phenomenon of arching and condensation even heating and mildew occurred in steel silo. People doubt that if can realize safe grain storage, practice proved that as long as the management is good, the safe storage of grain can be guaranteed. Generally speaking, the grain moisture and impurities are important factors affecting the safety of grain storage. Therefore,to improve the cleaning and dust removing procedure as far as possible , the grain impurities should be less than 1.0%; Strictly control grain moisture, generally not exceeding 13%, if exceed 13.5%, the aeration-cooling and rainfall should be adopted timely; Timely circulation, follow the principle of" first-in first-out".

After the grain stored in silo, although the silo wall is thin, easy to form difference in temperature inside and outside of the silo, but the grain is a poor conductor of heat, the grain temperature changes only within 300mm of the silo wall. both the heat absorption and the heat abstraction fast. On sunny days, the grain temperature is the highest at 3:00 p.m., but it almost recover original temperature at 7:00 p.m. The installation of grain condition detecting system provide convenient and detailed data of daily grain temperature detection management, once the grain temperature change, can properly handle it. In the part of the silo top, it is easy to condensation, so it's necessary to install the axial flow fan or set the exhaust device for the silo top. The silo top set mechanical ventilation equipment, laying the ventilation dust is the effective measure for safe grain storage.

According to the data and investigation, which confirmed that as long as satisfy the grain silo performance requirement of grain storage, strengthen the management of grain storage, adopt the effective safe grain storage measures. The steel silo can be used as long-term grain storage silo, the safe storage period can be 3 years, and over 1 years for paddy and corn. If the insulation treatment is adopted of steel silo, as far as possible to improve the supporting facilities and technology, the grain storage time will be longer. After the research it was found that due to the proper ventilation and cleaning measures are adopted by some steel silo units, gradually improve and perfect the grain storage management, the longest storage period of wheat exceeded 3 years.

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