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Discussion on Scraper Conveyor of Steel Silo

Oct.26, 2017Keywords: steel silo scraper conveyor, steel silo, scraper conveyor chain of steel silo

When the scraper conveyor is transported horizontally in the steel silo top, the material is subjected to the pressure of the scraper chain in direction and weight of the material itself, and produce internal friction in material.
The friction force ensures that the stable state between material layers, and is sufficient to overcome the external friction of material in mechanical cell, so that the material forms a continuous and integral material flow and is delivered.

The scraper conveyor is the main corollary equipment of grain steel silo, and its safe and reliable operation is directly related to the normal safe production. Chain is an important part of scraper conveyor, but it is also a week link of transport. Therefore, it is very important to extending the life chain and reduce the scraper conveyor accident to correct and maintenance of conveyor chain.

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