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Selection of Corollary Equipment for Steel Silo

Oct.31, 2017Keywords: steel silo corollary equipment

The selection of corollary equipment for steel silo is very critical, such as the horizontal conveyor can adopt the embedded scarper transporter, also can adopt the belt conveyor, which kind of equipment is better, it is necessary to analysis and contrast. The advantages of embedded scraper conveyor are that it can discharge with multi-points, good sealing property, but the belt conveyor can’t reach, so it is more appropriate to choose embedded scraper transporter for steel silo top. In addition, the advantages of the belt conveyor is in order to reduce the crushing of material, can make long-distance transportation, save power consumption. Therefore, for the material crushing industry with high requirement, can only provide belt conveyor, and can't use the embedded scarper conveyor. For example, in the design of large port steel silo, as far as possible to minimize the use of bucket elevator conveyor and adopt long distance inclined belt conveyor, which ensure the quality is invariant of the material transportation.
So it is very critical to choose the steel silo equipment in process planning, if you choose the inappropriate equipment, not only can't reach the process planning requirement, but also appear the irreparable lose.

The equipment yield is equipped with the function: the delivery value depends on the capacity of steel silo and the ability of grain loading and unloading, the ability of delivery of cargo form storage is matching with the follow-up main shop, it will cause the equipment investment taste if you choose the too large equipment and the running cost is high, but it will cause the traffic jam if choose the too small equipment. In the current seaport wharf bulk grain steel silo, the ship type of common seacraft is between 5 tons to 6 tons. Usually the design of 1000t/h capacity can meet the loading and unloading ability, otherwise there will be sluggish of port phenomenon. In the grain and cooking oil processing factory, it is decided by the automobile unloading ability. Generally, the efficiency of grain unloading in bagged grain is small, while bulk grain unloading efficiency is high and the output is large.

Consider the enough steel silo equipment maintenance space: the steel silo equipment maintenance space is as the important consider factor in process planning, because the steel silo equipment need normal maintenance, which need enough space for operation staff. For example, the replacement of bearing, the replacement of cleaner barrel and the maintenance of motor reducer.

Control Room Location: it's better to set a separate room for electric control room, also can set in the work tower or under the steel silo, but it must be in a closed environment with dust enter, otherwise it will affect the life electrical components, the safety misadventure will happen in serious cases.

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