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Patent Continuous Corn Dryer and Paddy Rice Dryer

Jul.16, 2018Keywords: Continuous corn dryer, continuous paddy rice dryer

 Continuous Corn Dryer

Harvest corn moisture content is very high, can some can be more than 30%, to reduce corn moisture to 13%-14% which is safety for corn storage, we need grain dryer. Corn has good heat resistant, we adopt cocurrent and countercurrent drying technology, drying capacity ranges from 100 tons per day to 1200 tons per day, also drying quality is very good. Cocurrent and countercurrent corn dryer is composed of drying section, tempering section and cooling section, concurrent air flow is for drying, countercurrent air flow is for cooling, equip tempering section follow each drying section, long drying time for full drying. Can be outdoor used. 

Continuous Paddy Rice Dryer

Harvest paddy rice moisture content is also very high, but at the same time paddy rice is heat sensitive, fast drying speed or high drying temperature will make paddy rice fissureed. So we adopt mixed flow drying technology. Mixed flow paddy dryer is composed of drying section, tempering section and cooling section, inside body layout staggered form angle boxes for hot air tempering. Paddy is evenly heated by low temperature, and reduce moisture slowly, ensure drying quality. Also can be outdoor used.



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