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Daily Maintenance and Use Precautions of Flour Silo

Oct.17, 2022Keywords:Flour Silo, Grain Storage Silo, Steel Silo

 The flour silo is a common grain storage silo, which is mainly used to store grain and flour, so that the grain and flour can be stored for a long time without being affected by the external environment, so as to ensure the quality of the grain and flour. But the premise is that the overall quality of the grain is qualified. In order to ensure this effect, daily maintenance must be done well.

1. Regularly inspect the silo from top to bottom, starting with the roof vents, the ladders of the stairs. Make sure it's cleaned to prevent rust, slipping and tripping.
2. Any thorough inspection also includes looking for loose, broken or missing bolts, especially on roof stairs, roof ladders and outdoor ladders. Ladders must be inspected for rust on the steps. If this happens, the reliability of the tread is impaired and must be replaced.

3.  Carefully inspect any openings in the side walls. Most silos have access doors of some type in the side walls, but the openings must be properly braced to withstand the stress of the hoop. Most doors use some type of tie rod system. This may be an integral part of the door, such as a special door panel, or a removable pull rod. Other openings might be rain gutters, or large silo doors large enough for a front loader to enter. If any swelling is found in these places, stress reduction or corrective action must be taken. If the silo is empty, make sure all bolts, fasteners, etc. are installed correctly before feeding.

4. Be vigilant when you find any signs of rust, once you find rust, it must be covered with galvanized thick paint immediately. Because the weight on the sidewalls and floor can weigh thousands of pounds, design and maintenance of foundation is a must. When conducting regular maintenance inspections, the foundation is a critical part of the inspection. It has to be strong enough to support the grain while preventing the empty silo from being overturned by strong winds or being pulled out of the foundation.

Precautions for the Use of Flour Silo:

1. During use, according to the storage materials and storage time in the flour silo, test the temperature and humidity of the storage materials, and take necessary precautions to ensure the safe storage of various materials.

2. It is strictly forbidden to add additional facilities for steel silo without authorization to prevent accidents.

3. Attention should be paid to the use of transportation equipment in the steel base, the self-sealing inspection of valves and other facilities, and the connection at the bottom of the flashing board to prevent rainwater from entering the connection of the bottom plate, resulting in the deterioration of the material substrate.

4. In the air supply depot, the pressure should not be too large, and the ventilation opening on the top of the silo must be ensured. If the dust in the holes are found, it should be cleaned in time, and the filter cloth should not accumulate dust.

5. Eccentric loading and eccentric unloading are not allowed during use, and it is strictly forbidden to directly unload material from holes on the wall of the silo.

6. Regularly check whether the ventilation holes at the top of the steel silo are unblocked, and it is strictly forbidden to generate excessive pressure in the silo.

7. Before the arrival of the rainy season every year, the construction party should carefully check the corrosion of the steel silo and carry out anti-corrosion treatment regularly.

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