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Grain Silo Storage System—Bolted Steel Silo

Sep.16, 2022Keywords:Grain Silo Storage, Bolted Steel Silo, Corrugated Steel Silo

Bolted Steel Silo are widely used in the storage of grains, such as maize, flour, rice, etc., and can design and produce irregular steel silos according to the special requirements of clients. The small bolted steel silo diameters of 1.8m, 2.7m and 3.6m produced by us are economical and easy-to-assemble silos, which are professionally used in feed factories, wineries, grain processing plants, food processing plants, plastic pellet processing plants, etc. Our steel silos are made of standard 275g/m2 hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, with a service life of 25-30 years. The maximum diameter of the large-scale assembly steel silo can reach 30 meters, and the storage capacity can reach 50,000 cubic meters.

Brief introduction of bolted steel silo structure:

The silo body of the corrugated bolted metal steel silo is divided into two parts: the cylinder body and the top cover. The cylinder is composed of wall panels, columns, manholes, ladders and other components.
(1) Wall panel: Use hot-dip galvanized sheet. Arrange the boards according to the silo type. The silo wall bolts are patented products. The bolts are integrated with the spherical gasket and lined with anti-aging rubber pads to ensure the sealing rainproof and service life of the silo wall panels.
(2) Column: The column is used to reinforce the warehouse body. The column is made of Z-shaped steel, which is standardized production. A connecting plate is used to connect the two columns.
(3) Manhole and ladder: It is a component for checking the situation in the storage silo, and entering and exiting the silo. There are ladders inside and outside the silo.
(4) Air duct: For steel silo equipped with mechanical ventilation system, parallel air ducts and herringbone air ducts are reserved on the surface of the foundation.
(5) Top cover: It is composed of beams, silo top cover, tension ring, vent, top cap and other components. The silo roof skeleton design adopts space structure technology, which can ensure the stability under large-span design load and reduce the size of the components.
(6) The ring beam, cone bottom and silo legs of the cone-bottom silo: The ring beam and the silo legs are all made of I-beam. The upper end of the silo leg is welded with a flat plate matched with the ring beam, and an inclined connecting plate matched with the inclined surface of the cone bottom is also welded.

Accessories in SRON steel silo:
1. Ventilation System: Natural ventilation windows and induced draft fans are installed on the top of the silo, and a blower is installed at the bottom of the cone to drain the air into the silo to circulate, protect the grain from moisture, and greatly ensure the quality of the grain in the silo.

2. Temperature and Humidity Measurement System, Grain Condition Monitoring System: This system enables clients to grasp the temperature and humidity in the silo anytime and anywhere, and control the situation in the silo.

3. Material Level Meter: The material level meter can monitor the empty degree of the grain silo. When the grain is about to fill the entire grain silo, this device sends an alarm signal to effectively control the grain in the silo.

About Sron Silo Engineering

HENAN SRON SILO ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. is China leading reputable EPC Contractor for grain storage silo project, closed storage yard, and grain port handling project for grain silo storage solution etc. SRON has the qualifications of Main Contractor for civil construction projects, Main Contractor for mechanical and electrical projects, and Specialized Contractor for steel structure project. We have the complete qualifications in the field of bulk material storage and transportation in China. 

SRON focuses on scientific and technological research, achieving new researching technologies each year. Currently we have 
59 patented technology, among which 7 are invention patents.

SRON have built projects in more than 30 countries and regions, including Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Mongolia, Philippines, Peru and so on, with more than 900 sets of steel silos and up to 3 million tons of materials storage capacities, SRON quality and reputation are highly recognized by global users. For more information about Sron Silo Engineering and the Storage silo solution, please 
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