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Features and Advantages of Corrugated Bolted Steel Silos

Sep.09, 2022Keywords:Steel Silo, Corrugated Steel Silo, Grain Silo, Bolted silo


Now a days, more and more customers use the corrugated bolted steel silo as the grain silos, we also find that the main silo type for grain storage is corrugated bolted steel silo, so why so many customers use this kind of silo to storage grain? What is the features and advantage of corrugated bolted steel silos? We will find it.




Features of Bolted Steel Silos

The corrugated steel silo is a steel silo that is assembled by making steel plates in the factory and connected with high-strength bolts on site. The bolted steel silo has the following characteristics:


1. The strength of the same specification is lower than other steel silo types, the corrugated steel silo is light in weight, and has low requirements on the foundation, so it consumes less steel and reduces the foundation cost.



2. Bolted steel silo can be
assembled directly on site, the construction speed is fast, and the technical requirements for the installer are not high;



3. Bolted steel silo can be dismantled, reassembled and reused; the corrugated steel silo is simple to dismantle, easy to maintain, and partially damaged can be replaced.


4. High-strength bolts are used to connect the steel plates, and the air tightness is relatively poor, which is not suitable for storing powder materials and metamorphic materials. If you a high requirement of air tightness, you can choose spiral steel silo or welded steel silo.


5.The corrugated steel silo has a high degree of standardization. According to domestic materials, standardized, generalized and serialized production can be used to make standard components and install them on site.


6.   The assembly of the corrugated steel silo is simple and quick, and all parts of the bolted galvanized corrugated steel silo are connected by bolts, thus shortening the construction period.


7. The corrugated steel silo is easy to realize mechanization, and the corrugated steel silo, which can be easily equipped with equipment such as feeding, discharging, sweeping, ventilation, temperature measurement, and detecting silo full filling to achieve the purpose of safe grain storage.


8. The cost of corrugated steel silo is low, and the service life is appropriate, can generally reach about 30 years.



Advantages of Bolted Steel Silos

1. The bolted silo is processed and formed by factory automation equipment, and pulled to the site for direct bolt assembly. All installations are efficient. Now SRON sells 275g/m2 hot-dip galvanized sheet with a maximum thickness of 4mm. In order to achieve the thickness of the large tonnage silo, it can be achieved by double-layer galvanizing.



2.The assembled type of silo can realize later rectification and replacement of single board repair. At the same time, it has the advantages of modularization, easy disassembly, safety and high efficiency. If the expiration date has not been reached, it can be sold as a second-hand silo.



3.The bolted grain silo is very practical for the grain industry, and the heat in the silo dissipates quickly, thereby reducing the temperature of the grain and ensuring the quality of the grain.


4. On-site installation of the bolted silo is less affected by the weather, and can be installed inside the silo. The silo itself forms a rain-proof tool, which greatly improves the installation progress.


5. The bolted silo reinforcement can realize the two forms of inner column reinforcement and outer column reinforcement. The stiffener and the silo are all bolted without welding.


6. Due to the modular production of bolted silos, it takes up less space for clients and is assembled in a single piece, thus realizing the advantage of being exported to foreign countries.

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