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What is the Reason for the Scorch Phenomenon of the Corn Dried by the Corn Drying Tower?

Aug.24, 2022Keywords:Corn Drying Tower, Corn Storage Silos,Sron Silo

Now many friends who grow corn have a special liking for the corn drying tower. They don't have to worry about drying corn any more because they have a corn drying tower. Drying corn is a kind of labor. The work is very intensive, and it must be coordinated with the weather. If the weather is not beautiful, continuous rainy days will affect the drying process of corn, and in severe cases, it will cause the corn to become moldy, and deteriorate and reduce its economic value.


The ultimate goal of drying corn is to reduce moisture, which can be achieved by a corn drying tower. The efficiency of using it to reduce the moisture of corn is much higher than that of the traditional method of drying corn. Although the efficiency of drying corn is very low, it will not cause the corn to be scorched. This may happen if the corn is dried by the corn drying tower. What is the reason for the scorched corn dried by the corn drying tower?


The reasons for the scorch phenomenon in the corn dried by the corn drying tower are as follows:


1. If the corn drying tower is shut down for a long time but does not stop heating, the material in the machine will carry a lot of heat and cannot flow, and the intermediate heat will not be released, which will lead to local overheating.


2. Unqualified installation leads to short circuit of hot air, whether it is a mixed-flow, forward-counter-flow or cross-flow corn drying tower, if the installation is unqualified, there will be a phenomenon of running wind, so the hot air passing through this place will be much more than normal. The material there will be over-drying, to a certain extent, it will paste or catch fire.


3. The internal material flow is not smooth or there is blockage. The drying system of the corn drying tower is a closed space. During the working process, we cannot observe the situation inside, which may easily lead to the accumulation of materials in the machine.


4. There is no insulation layer in the hot air duct or the insulation layer falls off. The drying tower generally has one or more hot air ducts. One side of the hot air duct is corn, and the other side is hot air. There is only a layer of 2-2.5mm steel plate in the middle. If no heat insulation measures are taken on the hot air side of the hot air duct, the steel plate will be baked under the high temperature hot air for a long time, and the temperature will be close to the hot air temperature, and the materials in contact with it for a long time will be gelatinized, and even catch fire after a long time.


5. The temperature of the hot air is too high or the heat exchanger has a fire phenomenon. If there is paste or fire, you should check whether the heat exchanger is out of fire. The fire is generally due to the failure to seal the flue gas and clean hot air during installation or the tube of the heat exchanger is broken due to prolonged use. Generally, it can be found through the inspection door of the hot air line or by drilling holes on the hot air line.

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