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Why are the bottom of large flour silos conical?

Aug.17, 2022Keywords:Cone-bottom Flour Silos, Large Flour Silo, Storage Silo

Using flour silos to store grain improves work efficiency, standardizes work process, and improves enterprise management level. Long-term mechanical ventilation and air-tightness ensures grain storage and reduces labor input. The large-scale flour silo has good overall performance and long service life, far exceeding the service life of other silos; the large-scale flour silo has good air-tight performance and a wide range of uses; the construction period is short, and the cost of the large-scale flour storage silo is low; it occupies a small area and is easy to manage. Large-scale flour silos feature large reserves, low investment, short construction period, small footprint and high degree of automation. The large-scale flour silo has a large capacity and a unique structure, which is a storage silo group mainly used for storing grain. 

In the field of grain, there are various flour silos, but the bottom of one of its main structures is basically the same, especially the large flour silos are numerous, but the bottom of the large flour silos is not flat, but it is conical, so why is the bottom of the large flour silo conical?

Let's analyze it: 

The conical silo bottom can increase the silo bottom area of the large flour silo, thereby reducing the pressure of the powder material on the bottom area, and the flat bottom silo has caused some troubles in discharging, but the conical silo bottom solves part of the problem of difficult discharging. In-depth and extensive research has been carried out on the comparison, and some experience has been obtained. It is considered that it is more reasonable to design the traditional flat silo bottom as a conical silo bottom in the shape of the silo bottom, especially for the large-scale flour silo, for storing powder materials. The conical silo bottom can save a certain amount of silo construction cost, because the conical silo bottom of the large flour silo is made of concrete, which can replace the role of some steel plates, thus saving a certain amount of steel plates. We all know that the steel plate cost of a large flour silo is higher than that of concrete, so it is practical to change the bottom of the large flour silo from a flat shape to a conical one.

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