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Safe Storage of Grain In Steel Silo

Jan.27, 2024Keywords:Grain Storage Silo, Safe Storage of Grain, Steel Silo

Why Choose Steel Silo to Store Grain?

Steel silos play an important role in grain storage. It can be used in various scenarios such as direct storage of farmland grain, temporary storage of grain purchasing companies, and transportation and storage of grain circulation companies. Whether in cities or rural areas, it can solve the problem of grain storage and ensure the full harvest and safe storage of grain.

Grain steel silo is made of galvanized steel plate, which has good moisture-proof, waterproof, insect-proof, rodent-proof and mildew-proof characteristics, and can effectively protect the grain from the influence of the external environment. It has compact structure, small size and small space. At the same time, grain steel silo is also equipped with ventilation equipment and a temperature and humidity control system, which can effectively control the grain storage environment and maintain the freshness and quality of grain.

Sturdy and Durable Structure: steel silo is made of galvanized steel plates, which has strong resistance to compression and earthquakes, ensuring the safety of grain storage. 
Moisture-proof and Insect-proof: steel silo has good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of moisture and insect pests and ensure the quality of grain.
Easy Maintenance: steel silo is relatively easy to maintain and clean and does not require regular repairs and maintenance.
High Flexibility: steel silo can be disassembled and reassembled as needed, with strong flexibility and adaptability.

How Long Can Grain Be Stored In Steel Silo?

The optimal storage periods for different types of grains are different. For storable grains such as wheat, the safe storage period in steel silos can be equivalent to the conventional storage period in room-type silos, and the optimal storage period is about 3 years; For rice, corn, etc., as long as the moisture content is within a safe range, the grain quality is good, and there is no insect infection, the longest storage period can be about 3 years. However, from the perspective of grain quality, the optimal storage period should be within two years.

How to Ensure the Quality of Grain in Grain Silo?

It is necessary to master the knowledge of mildew prevention. For example, grains with high moisture content, many impurities, and imperfections are prone to mold and have a short storage life. Therefore, improving the quality of grain storage input is the key to safe grain storage. Grains should be dried, screened, and winnowed in time before being put into storage. Relevant safety standards should be determined according to variety, season, region, climatic conditions, etc. When grain is stored in steel silos, under the protection of the following related technologies, grain quality can be maintained at its best.

Based on the temperature, humidity, silo insects and other measured parameters of the grain pile and space, a comprehensive analysis is conducted to derive treatment plans and emergency measures, and determine the favorable opportunities for ventilation, fumigation or silo dumping to achieve the purposes of cooling, humidification, insecticide, etc., and to extend the safe storage period of grains.

2.Ventilated Grain Storage Technology
Ventilation is the most basic condition to ensure safe grain storage in steel silos. Steel silo ventilation grain storage technology uses ventilation equipment to discharge hot and humid air in the grain pile, reduce the temperature and humidity of grain, and improve the stability of grain storage.

3.Circulation Fumigation Technology
Ventilation can only play a certain role, but fumigation and disinfection of grain can be stored for a long time. Circulation fumigation technology uses a circulation fumigation system to force air circulation to promote the pharmaceutical gas to be evenly distributed in the steel silo at a certain speed and concentration to achieve effective insecticide purposes.

4. Cooling Grain Storage Technology
Steel silo cooling grain storage technology uses cooling and temperature control to keep the grain temperature below 15°C (low temperature) or 20°C (quasi-low temperature) for a long time to protect it from pest breeding and at the same time avoid chemical fumigation pollution to achieve green grain storage. This cooling technology can be used to handle emergency heating grains, prevent condensation, store high-moisture grains, inhibit insect enzymes, and maintain grain quality.

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