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Why Choose Steel Silo to Store Soybean Meal?

Apr.08, 2023Keywords:Steel Silo, Soybean Meal Silo, Soybean Silo

Introduction of Soybean Meal

Soybean meal is a by-product of soybeans after soybean oil is extracted. Soybean meal is an excellent source of protein and is widely used in feed and food industries. Soybean meal products have huge economic benefits and nutritional value worldwide, so many soybean processing plant merchants realize the importance of soybean meal storage and seek better ways to store soybean meal. Traditional bagged storage can no longer meet the needs of these merchants for soybean meal storage. At present, bulk storage and silo storage are the main storage methods for soybeans and soybean meal in most countries.

Different Ways to Store Soybean Meal

Bulk Storage
The advantage of bulk flat warehouse is that it is convenient to take out the material, and it is easy to grasp the quality change of soybean meal. The disadvantage is that the indoor visibility is low, the dust content is high, and the operating environment is poor. If the soybean meal is stored for a long time and agglomerates, the high layer of soybean meal should be loosened and dropped, and then use a forklift to push the discharge port, and pay attention to check whether the discharge port is blocked.
Silo Storage
Soybean meal silo storage is to store soybean meal in a closed soybean meal steel silo. Silos are usually constructed of galvanized steel sheets and equipped with different types of devices for automatic loading and unloading, temperature control, ventilation, etc. The roof of the silo is used as a vent, and it is divided into several small vents, which are evenly arranged on the roof of the silo, but attention should be paid to rainproof and waterproof.
At present, more and more enterprises use soybean meal silos to store bulk soybean meal because of its large capacity, small footprint, safe storage and high degree of automation. To a large extent, it meets the needs of factories for mechanization and automation.

soybean meal silo
Features of SRON Soybean Meal Steel Silo

High Degree of Automation: SRON soybean meal silo system can realize a high degree of automation and mechanization, improve the owner's production efficiency and save manpower.
Large Capacity of a Single Silo: The capacity of a single silo can reach 15,000 tons, with complete functions to meet the needs of different clients.
Easy Maintenance: The soybean meal silo adopts standard, interchangeable, and universal galvanized steel sheets and accessories, which is easy to maintain, and it is convenient to increase the capacity or move the silo.
Less Investment: 20-30% lower cost than reinforced concrete silos, greatly saving investment.
High Precision: Guaranteed by international advanced equipment and technology.

soybean meal silo
Why Choose SRON's Steel Silo?

1. We have an excellent team with more than 20 years experience in silo construction.
2. As one of the largest silo manufacturers in China, the annual production capacity reaches 30,000 tons.
3. SRON provides a full-process turnkey project from consulting, design, production, on-site construction to silo system commissioning.
4. The body of SRON soybean meal silo is made of hot-dip galvanized steel plate, and the silo roof, cover plate, handrail, temperature measuring hole, manhole, ladder frame, etc. are also made of galvanized steel plate, which has a long service life.

Precautions When Storing Soybean Meal

Soybean meal is a nutrient-rich medium for bacteria and mold. If the moisture content is high, mold is prone to occur. If the soybean meal has a high water content, if it encounters a high temperature environment suitable for mold growth during long-distance transportation and storage, the soybean meal will appear moldy to varying degrees. This will reduce the quality of soybean meal and affect the interests of manufacturers. Therefore, when storing soybean meal, attention should be paid to the moisture content of soybean meal, and if necessary, it should be dried before being stored in steel silos.

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