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Why Choose SRON Feed Steel Silo to Store Feed?

May.16, 2023Keywords:Feed Steel Silo. SRON Steel Silo, Feed Storage Silo

Feed Introduction
Feed is a general term for the food of animals. In a narrower sense, feed mainly refers to the food of animals raised in agriculture or pastoral. Feed includes soybean, soybean meal, corn, fish meal, amino acid, miscellaneous meal, whey powder, oil, meat and bone meal, grains, feed additives and more than ten varieties of feed materials. Feed is essential for chicken farms, cattle farms, etc., and needs to be stored in a certain amount for use. Therefore, the safe storage of feed is a concern of many manufacturers. After feed is sent to the farm, it should be stored in a low-temperature and dry area to maintain its nutrition and flavor. However, it is easy to get damp and infested with insects when stored in bags, so manufacturers began to choose steel silos as a common choice for storing feed.

Precautions for Feed Storage
Whether the storage method of feed is appropriate or not directly affects the nutritional value of feed. If the temperature of feed is too high during storage, the protein will deteriorate; if feed contains too much water or is stored in a humid environment, it will easily become moldy and produce toxins. Therefore, the safe storage of feed should pay attention to the following links.
Choose a Good Storage Location
The feed storage silo should be dry, cool, well ventilated, easy to drain, and have the functions of leak-proof, rodent-proof and ground damp.
Control Temperature, Humidity and Ventilation
The relative humidity of feed storage silo should be lower than 50%, and good ventilation should be maintained. At the same time, the temperature in the storage room should be reduced as much as possible.
Control Feed Moisture Content
Feed with high moisture content is prone to oxidation, heat generation, agglomeration and mildew. When storing feed, the moisture content of feed should be controlled, less than 14% in the northern region and less than 12% in the southern region.


Why Choose Steel Silo to Store Feed
Feed silos are mainly used in poultry farms. Steel silos are a popular way to store feed due to the ease of installation, low cost of extension and easy unloading of the hopper. SRON feed silos can be installed to store a variety of animal feed, and the design of sealed silo roof and silo body helps protect grain feed from moisture damage. Feed silos help owners achieve maximum efficiency when loading and unloading stored feed, and also protect the internal feed storage from external insects and debris. Feed silos can be integrated with various animal husbandry automatic feeding systems, with reasonable layout requirements, convenient application, and less use of manpower and material resources.

All SRON feed silos are made with corrugated galvanized steel. The feed silos bottom is designed with 60° cone to let the stored pellets flow out freely without breaking. The Galvanization of our feed silos is Z600g/m2 in accordance with UNE-EN 36130, which makes them durable and weather resistant. The galvanizing sheet is 275g/㎡as standard design, according to some clients’ special request, 350g/㎡and 400g/㎡are options for their needs.


Features of SRON Feed Steel Silo System
1. Short construction period, low investment, fast income and high degree of automation.
2. Small footprint, high degree of mechanization, bulk raw materials, saving bagging costs and reducing cross-infection between materials.
3. It facilitates the daily management of the farm and alleviates the problem of high labor costs.
4. The closed feeding design can effectively reduce the pollution and stealing of feed by rats and flies.
5. Quantitative feeding can avoid the problems of inconsistent feed intake and unbalanced nutritional development in artificial feeding.
6. Ensure that the farm is clean and durable, which is conducive to the health of breeding, reduces feed waste, and reduces breeding costs.


Feed Silo Structure
The feed silo is mainly composed of silo roof, silo body and cone bottom. It is generally equipped with raw material silo, buffer silo, finished product silo and bagging silo, and can hold various grains. Equipped with weighing, unloading, cleaning, dust collection, handling and other mechanical equipment. The feed silo body includes wall panels, support columns, ladders on the silo body, protective handrails around the ladder, silo doors and door platforms, etc.

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