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Why Choose SRON Steel Silo to Store Rice Bran?

Jun.09, 2023Keywords:Rice Bran Silo For Sale, Steel Silo, Grain Silo System

Introduction of Rice Bran
Rice bran is a by-product of the rice milling process; it makes up 10 percent of rice, with a potential global production of 48 million tons per year. Most are used as animal feed or discarded as waste. Nowadays, rice bran has attracted the attention of researchers because it is widely available, cheap, and rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, bioactive compounds and dietary fiber, making rice bran widely used in feed, food and other industries. This will encourage entrepreneurs to store rice bran on a large scale to produce rice bran-related foods. Therefore, how to store rice bran safely and stably has become a concern of some industries.

Storage Conditions of Rice Bran
1. In spring and autumn, rice bran can be stored for 7-9 days, not more than 5 days in summer, and not more than 15 days in winter.
2. The rice bran storage silo needs to be dry, cool and ventilated.
3. If you want to store for a long time, you need to puff the rice bran. After puffing, it can be stored for 2 months.
Why Choose Steel Silo to Store Rice Bran
Rice bran is stored in various forms, depending on quantity, use and location. The general storage methods include traditional bag storage and horizontal warehouse storage, but these two methods have brought great difficulties to mechanized production. At present, grain steel silos are the first choice of many large and medium-sized enterprises. Under the same material consumption, steel silo has a large volume, occupies a small area, and is evenly stressed around it, which is convenient for material loading and unloading. Its efficient and safe operation provides good conditions for the automatic operation of rice bran cleaning, transportation and storage. The capacity of steel silo is generally between 20-2000 tons. Good sealing performance, fast construction speed and advanced material level measurement technology are in line with the trend of mechanized production in factories today.

rice bran silo for sale 

Features of SRON Rice Bran Steel Silo System
In addition to light weight, low cost, small footprint and short construction period, SRON grain steel silos also have the following characteristics:
High Degree of Standardization
SRON bolted steel silo has a high degree of standardization. According to domestic materials, standardization, generalization and serial production can be adopted, and standard parts can be produced and installed on site.
High Degree of Automation and Mechanization
SRON grain steel silos are equipped with a series of automatic supporting devices such as automatic conveying system, dust removal equipment, material level monitoring system, ventilation equipment, cleaning system, equipment failure detection and automatic alarm device, remote control system, etc. It greatly improves work efficiency and storage safety, and also ensures the quality of stored materials.
Good Thermal Insulation and Airtight Performance
It is convenient to deploy thermal insulation treatment and air-tight treatment, air-tight thermal insulation steel silo is conducive to fumigation and controlled atmosphere storage, and also has good insect and rat proof performance.

rice bran silo
Rice Bran Silo Structure
The rice bran silo storage and transportation system is composed of conveying equipment, pre-cleaning, steel silo, ventilation system, dust removal system, moisture monitoring system, temperature control system, material level sensor, etc. The steel silo body includes wall panels, columns, roofs, manholes, ladders or steps, guardrails, etc. The steel of silo body is hot-dip galvanized for durability and weather resistance. Advanced bolts and wear-resistant rubber are used to ensure fastness and service life. Cleaning equipment includes cleaning sieves, vibrating screens, and dust removal equipment, and conveying equipment includes elevators, scrapers, belt conveyors, screw conveyors, etc.

rice bran silo for sale
Why Choose SRON as Steel Silo Manufacturer?
1. We have an excellent team with more than 20 years experience in silo construction.
2. As one of the largest steel silo manufacturers in China, the annual production capacity reaches 30,000 tons.
3. SRON provides a full-process turnkey project from consulting, design, production, on-site construction to silo system commissioning.

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