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Why are Steel Silos Used on Farms?

Jul.14, 2023Keywords:Farm Silo For Sale, Steel Silo In Farms, Grain Silo

Farm Introduction
Farm is the main business of agricultural production (such as growing grain or animal husbandry), dealing in various agricultural products and animal husbandry products. Grain stored on farms is often used to make animal feed. This feed can be fed directly to animals or used to produce other products. Farms can also be used to store grain for human consumption. Traditional bag storage or bungalow storage can meet the feed storage or transit of small farms, but it is not suitable for feed storage on large and medium-sized farms. The storage capacity of grain and feed in large and medium-sized farms is large, and the need for storage environment is high, otherwise the grain and feed are easy to mold, which will bring economic losses to farmers. Steel silo is suitable for feed storage on large and medium-sized farms. Grain and feed can only be put into the steel silo after reaching the appropriate humidity, and they can be transported to the internal feed line through the feeding equipment.

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Why Choose Steel Silos for Grain or Feed Storage on Farms?
The capacity of steel silos is generally between 20-10,000 tons, which can meet the storage needs of large and medium-sized farms. And the steel silo sealing performance is good, the construction speed is fast, the material level measurement technology is advanced, in line with the current trend of farm mechanization production. Using steel silos to store feed and grain in farms can provide long-term, good mechanical ventilation, dry and closed conditions, and strict dust removal, explosion-proof, moisture-proof and other measures can achieve the ideal state of feed and grain storage in farms. At the same time, the use of steel silos to store feed and grain can also improve work efficiency, standardize work processes, improve enterprise management levels, ensure the stability of feed and grain storage, and reduce labor input.

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Features of SRON Farm Silo System
1.Short Construction Period
On-site construction, installation of steel silo roof on the ground, and molding of special construction equipment. The assembly of bolted steel silo is simple and fast, and all its parts are connected by bolts, thus shortening the construction period.
2.Safe Grain Storage
Farm steel silo is easy to realize mechanization. In farm silo, it can be conveniently equipped with equipment such as feeding, discharging, cleaning, ventilation, temperature measurement, and detecting the fullness of the silo to achieve the purpose of safe grain storage.
3.Thermal Insulation Air-tight Treatment
It is convenient to deploy thermal insulation treatment and air-tight treatment, air-tight thermal insulation steel silo is conducive to fumigation and controlled atmosphere storage, and also has good insect and rat proof performance.
4.High Automation
The entire silo system is controlled by a DDG control cabinet or a programmable PLC analog flow chart, and the relevant processes are fully automatic, which can achieve a high degree of mechanization and automation, high production efficiency.

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5.Long Service Life
The maintenance cost of farm silo is low, and the service life is suitable, which can generally reach about 30 years.
6.Less Investment
20-30% less costs over concrete silos, greatly saving investment. The construction is very fast, the investment return is fast, and the return rate is high.
Farm Silo System Process
The whole farm silo system includes grain receiving, pre-cleaning, dust collecting, drying, feeding and conveying, silos and truck loading,etc. And there are ventilation system, grain monitoring system, material level monitoring and other auxiliary systems for support.
Ventilation System The roof of farm silo is installed natural ventilation window, induced draft fan, and the cone bottom of farm silo is installed blower to divert air to the silo for circulation, which can protect the grain from moisture, greatly ensure the quality of grain in farm silo.

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Temperature and Humidity Measurement System, Grain Monitoring System The system allows clients to grasp the temperature and humidity in the farm silo anytime and anywhere, control the situation in the silo.
Material Level Monitoring System The material level device can monitor the empty and full degree of steel silo. When the grain is about to fill the entire steel silo, the material level device sends an alarm signal to effectively control the grain in the silo.
Precaution When Using Farm Silo
1.The silo body must be kept safe at all times. If the silo body is in a humid environment for a long time, the surface of steel silo will be rusted. On the one hand, the rusty surface will shorten the service life of steel silo. On the other hand, rust will also affect the quality of the bulk materials in storage silo.
2.The grain and feed can only be put into the  steel silo after reaching proper humidity. Only when the grain is dry enough can the grain and feed be put into the silo, otherwise, the grain will become moldy.
3.It is best to regularly check the operation of the dust collector, fan and the sealing of the silo. Inspecting these components not only prolongs the life of farm silo, but also ensures the safety of grain and farm silo.
4.The silo must be operated in accordance with the instructions. Proper operation can help prolong the service life of steel silo and keep it safe. 

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