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Grain silo design and silo manufacturing process

Mar.10, 2022Keywords:silo manufacturing process, silo material, grain silo design, silo making machine

Grain silo design and silo manufacturing process

Silo manufacturing process 

(1) Find out the center and circumferential edge of the silo with a longitude and latitude meter.
(2) According to the diameter of silo body, determine the positions of forming machine and bending machine between two silos; use supports to support the bearing bracket horizontally according to the required diameter and circumference of the silo.
(3) first, put steel plate to be processed on the decoiling machine to spread it, then put it into the forming machine for getting a required shape.
(4) Use the bending machine to bite steel plate till its thickness reaches to the designed silo wall thickness, then use automatic cutting machine to cut it into flat. Then carry out the installation of silo roof, after that, use the bending machine and forming machine to spiral steel plate till it reaches to the designed height.
(5) In the process of rolling and spiraling steel plate, use high-frequency welding machine to connect reinforcing ribs with silo wall in accordance with silo making drawing so as to reduce the damage to silo material caused by ordinary arc welding.
(6) Cut the lower part of steel silo into flat with automatic cutting machine, rotate the silo in the reverse direction and locate it on the embedded parts of silo foundation, and weld the reinforcing ribs and embedded parts.
(7) Make silo holes and reserved holes as required by the drawings.

Considerations in grain silo design

Silo material selection: First of all, pay attention to select right silo body material for the production of steel silo. It is necessary to choose different steel plate materials according to the application occasion and product type. The silo material is generally carbon steel, and Q235 is better of which the price is reasonable. The right steel plate material can make a steel silo adaptable to different climatic conditions and able to store different products, so that it can play a greater role and have a longer life.
Location: Secondly, attention should be paid to the selection of the location where these steel  silos will be placed. Silo making and silo design cannot be separated. The silo manufacturing process can only be designed after the location of silo is determined, while at the same time only after understanding the characteristics of silo material, can a reasonable installation site be designed. Generally, steel plate is vulnerable to moisture and humidity, so it is better to install steel silo in a dry and sunny place. If the site is improperly selected, the silo may be at risk of damage, and the materials stored in silo may be affected.
Maintenance: having sufficient staff for regular inspection and maintenance.

Therefore, when choosing the silo construction plan, users must consider the above aspects to ensure that the steel silo has good performance and they may acquire the best investment effect.

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