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Why steel silo has better performance than concrete silo?

Mar.22, 2022Keywords:concrete silo for sale, concrete silo design, concrete plant silo, steel silo

Why steel silo has better performance than concrete silo?

For material storage needs, the most common used two kinds of silos in current market are concrete silo and steel silo. But there is a trend that steel silo is more and more popular than concrete silo for sale in recent years, this is related with the performance of the two kinds of silos. The market research and study found that steel silo is the best choice because it is better than concrete silo in performance and it has more advantages. Let's take a look at the comparison between the two below.

Concrete silo design and steel silo design

Concrete silo needs to be strengthened by reinforcing steel bar, so it is extremely dependent on the reinforcement situation, and in the dense area of steel reinforcement, it is often necessary to carry out special layering design, and the layering process is prone to cause quality problems. While steel silo integrates the advanced concept of science, and its diameter of silo body can be self-designed according to demands, without need of layering.

Feeding and discharging operations of concrete silo and steel silo.

It is extremely inconvenient to carry out feeding and discharging operations in concrete silo. Because there are many blind areas among steel bars, the feeding and discharging operations have to be treated differently, which has an influence on work process. While steel silo has various ways of feeding and discharging operations based on different materials and customers needs, and its completely mechanized operation can avoid vigorous collision and other accidents.

Input cost of concrete silo and steel silo.

The concrete silo cost will be growing as the increased date of use, the initial investment may be less than steel silo, but its later inspection and maintenance cost are extremely expensive, and the problems occurred on silo body often cause the failure of whole silo, seriously affecting the following work. While steel silo design integrates current advanced technologies, saving a lot of construction materials, and at the same time, saving land resources to a certain extent because of the large capacity of silo body.

Safety of steel silo and concrete silo.

Concrete silo has poor anti-seismic ability and bad temperature conductivity. In extreme temperature, it is easy to appear huge temperature difference inside and outside silo which may cause condensation and other serious problems, affecting the the quality of materials stored in silo. While the principle of vacuum confinement is adopted in steel silo design, which greatly reduces the permeability so that there is seldom condensation or slabbing in steel silo.

Another important point is that concrete silo can only be used to store several kinds of materials due to its characteristics, while steel silo can store various materials such as food, feed, raw materials, even oil and chemicals. So steel silo has a more wide application than concrete silo.

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