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Design details of a grain silo

Apr.01, 2022Keywords:a grain silo, bulk grain storage, grain silo safety

 Design details of a grain silo

Grain silo is an important grain storage facility, and its structure and performance have a direct influence on the safety of grain stored in silo. So grain silo safety is a highly concerned topic for all grain silo manufacturers. Here are the design details of a qualified grain silo. 

Silo body: different from other buildings, a grain silo has to bear considerable side pressure caused by grain, in addition to wind load, snow load, earthquake etc. At the same time, the side pressure impact of different grain types, different grain stacking ways, different grain loading height on the silo wall must be considered to prevent wall cracking; and the vertical pressure of a grain silo on the ground shall also be considered to prevent ground from sinking.
Silo doors and windows: The doors, windows and holes of a grain silo shall be convenient for grain feeding and discharging operation and management. Considering the air tightness of the silo and processing requirements for bulk grain storage, the size, quantity and opening ways of windows have to be in line with the ventilation and maintenance requirements of silo. The orientation and quantity of the silo doors have to be convenient for grain feeding and discharging and ensure grain safety. 
Manhole: small doors used for inspecting grain conditions or manholes in the silo should be convenient for access. There should be a manhole at the position where is close to the eave of grain silo roof and a ladder on the inner wall of the silo to facilitate worker go up and down the silo. There should also be a manhole at the bottom of silo for silo cleaning and equipment maintenance. Structure of manholes should be easy to open and well sealed when it is closed.

Grain silo safety performance

Moisture-proof and leak-proof performance: there are a cover outside the exhaust fan hole on silo roof to avoid rain penetration and sealing door inside the hole to prevent air leakage during fumigation. The waterproof material of the moisture-proof layer is generally set on the high-temperature side of the insulation layer to avoid moisture condensation inside insulation material and the reduction of heat insulation effect.
Thermal insulation performance: the following measures can be taken to improve the thermal insulation performance of silo body: add heat insulation layer with solid material on silo roof to improve the heat insulation of its structure, add ventilation layer on silo roof, and add coating outside silo etc.
Sealing and ventilation performance: silo ventilation is an important operation for bulk grain storage, which helps to reduce grain temperature inside silo and ensure grain safety. At the same time, automatic opening and closing of silo windows can improve working capacity and reduce labor intensity. 

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