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Concrete Silo

Description :
Building Materials: Concrete silo built in steel, cement, gravel Building Height:Can Be over 40m moisture proof waterproof effect is good The concrete silo use commonly more than 50 years, maintenance costs very little.


Grain safety storage should be fully guaranteed when building a silo project, we must be considerate on grain physical properties, physiological characteristics and ecological characteristics and other to meet security needs. Silo type should be selected according to local conditions, such as regional climatic conditions, geological structure, the characteristics of grain seeds, silo function etc.
1. What is successful silo project?
Storage Characters
 1.Conurbation, leak proof moisture proof performance
Since concrete silos are built of concrete, they perform well in air tightness, affected by the outside temperature difference is small, moisture proof waterproof effect is good, so they are suitable for grain long time storage.
2.Mechanization and Automation Degree for Silo Group
The concrete silo group can be designed in interstice silo, it’s good in rigidity and stability. Can open hole in silo wall for, thus grain can flow between silo and silo. Truck loading and unloading directly, reduce the boundary silo discharging conveying link and save energy. It is applicable and convenient for transiting storage and silo changing.
3.long time Silo Life
The concrete silo use commonly more than 50 years, maintenance costs very little.
4.Use Security
SRON Warmly Remind:
Dustproof and explosion-proof accounts great importance to using security.
1.Concrete Silo Design
SRON specialize in the construction of concrete silos, we are dedicated to providing turn-key silo system on behalf on china National Standard technology and manufacturing standards for users around the world. SRON’s engineers are from Henan University of Technology, which is China's major concrete silos drafting unit of national standards.
Henan University of Technology is designer of China 80% national grain reserves project, each project of SRON will be reviewed by the real glory of the co-operation to ensure that the project's scientific and rational design.
2.sliding mode construction  sliding mode construction
Treat this silos group as example,5 concrete silos,15 meters diameter and wall thickness of 25 cm, three silos southeast linked, two silos northwest linked, layout in one line.
Using five joined silo sliding mould construction technology,with hydraulic jack to lift,with group hydraulic jacks working together,drive five more than 1 m high tool type mould or sliding boxes sliding along the mould to forme concrete.
Concrete was poured into groove layerly via mould shrinking.
When the bottom concrete in template reaches a certain intensity, template groove slid upward 20-30cm along the the outer surface of the template with lifter, with such a continuous cycle construction, until reach design height, complete the construction.

Concrete silo feature

 Building Materials: Concrete silo built in steel, cement, gravel, so it is very durable; but thus slightly weight, so it’s higher requirement with foundation;
Building method:  The sliding mode which is very mature and reliable in China is used for the concrete silo construction. We build the silo wall using cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure, while silo top using cast-in-place with truncated cone shell structure reinforced concrete. This build method is well in anti-corrosion, windproof, rainproof, seismic, etc. 
Building Height:Generally speaking, concrete silo height is over 40m and also can be in well use.

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