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Precautions for Using Steel Silos

Nov.15, 2022Keywords: Grain Steel Silo, Steel Silo Manufacturer, Storage Silo

        Steel silo is a storage tool that is bolted, welded or combined with steel plates. It originally refers to the silo body of the steel silo, and it can also refer to the small steel silo. The development of steel silos has a history of more than 100 years. It was first widely used abroad. The steel silos used for grain storage originated in the early 20th century. At the end of the 1970s, in the foreign grain industry, steel silos almost replaced any type of grain silo. Next, SRON Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. will briefly describe the precautions for the use of grain steel silo.

        Before the steel silo is fed for the first time, forced drying measures such as ventilation and drying should be taken to ensure that the steel silo and the ground are dry and prevent material compaction. Before the first feeding, the steel silo should be cleaned to prevent debris such as brick slag, concrete blocks, wood boards and other debris from clogging and reminding in the bottom plate and pipeline in the conveying pipeline. Before starting the dust collector on the top of the storage silo, check the breathing valve on the top of the silo, and then start the fan of the dust collector after confirming that it is unblocked. Otherwise, it may cause serious consequences that large silos will be sucked down.

        When steel silo manufacturers use an air compressor as a temporary air source, the air compressor must be equipped with drying equipment to ensure that the high-pressure air is dry. The operator should not put water into the air storage tank for more than 2 hours to avoid high-pressure air moisture entering into the material and causing the hardening of material. When storing powdery materials, debris should be prevented from falling into it, which will affect unloading and unloading. Grinding materials should be equipped with an iron removal device to prevent iron slag and the tail of the mill from being calcined into the steel silo and affecting unloading. Strictly control the moisture content of loading materials to prevent hardening of materials in the silo.

        Anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out in time after the paint on the storage silo body falls off and ages. Check the operation of the dust collector and chute fan on the top of the silo in time to ensure smooth operation and no vibration. Otherwise, the silo structure will be adversely affected. The operation of the dust discharge valve on the top of the dust collector in the silo should be checked in time to ensure the normal operation of the dust discharge system and prevent the heavy load on the top of the silo from accumulating a large amount of dust on the dust collector.

        To sum up, it is the use precautions summarized by SRON Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. I hope it can be helpful to you. Please contact us if you need to buy steel silos.

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