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Why do large coffee bean processing plants use grain steel silos to store coffee beans in large quantities?

Dec.29, 2022Keywords:coffee bean processing plant for silo, coffee bean silo, grain silo

Introduction of Coffee Beans
Coffee trees produce coffee cherry from which harvesters collect coffee seeds or coffee beans. The coffee plant belongs to the Coffea genus in the Rubiaceae plant and is native to African and Latin American countries. The plants, which grow into medium-sized trees, bear fragrant white flowers each spring, followed by green, berry-like fruits. Coffee growers harvest these coffee cherries when the fruit turns a dark red color. Today, the coffee agribusiness is the second largest commodity in the world. In order to ensure the best condition of coffee beans, how to store coffee beans safely and properly has become a concern of many coffee bean manufacturers.

Precautions When Storing Coffee Beans
The worst enemies of coffee beans are air, moisture, heat and light. To preserve the fresh roast flavor of your coffee beans for as long as possible, store them in an opaque, airtight container at room temperature.
1. The silo for storing coffee beans should be built in a place with higher terrain, less moisture, and ventilation;
2. Green coffee beans should be stored at a height above 20cm from the ground;
3. Regularly check and sterilize to maintain proper air humidity and temperature;
4. Prevent and kill pests.
5. Lower the temperature and prevent pests

Why do We Need Steel Silos for Coffee Bean Storage?
As is a growing trend, coffee beans are stored in silos rather than bags. Large and medium-sized factories usually use steel silos to store coffee beans. The steel silo is a kind of silo that is welded or bolted with steel plates. It is the main tool for storing materials and can be used in various industries, such as building materials industry, grain industry, chemical industry, etc. The capacity of steel grain silo is generally between 20 tons and 2000 tons. It has the characteristics of good sealing performance, fast construction speed and advanced material level measurement technology, which is in line with the current trend of factory mechanized production. Why do we choose to build steel silos to store coffee beans over other storage options? Here are some reasons!

1. Small footprint, large storage capacity, high land utilization
The steel silo occupies a small area, the capacity of a single silo can reach 15,000 tons, the storage height is high, and the storage capacity is 10-20 times that of a flat silo with the same area;
2. The coffee bean steel silo can be heat-insulated and airtight
The steel silo is easy to deploy thermal insulation treatment and airtight treatment. The airtight thermal insulation steel silo is conducive to fumigation and controlled atmosphere storage, and has good insect and rodent protection performance; and the fire performance is good. The building materials of the steel silo are all non-combustible materials.
3. The coffee bean steel silo has a high degree of automation
The whole coffee bean steel silo system is controlled by DDG control cabinet or programmable PLC simulation flow chart, and the relevant processes are fully automatic, which can realize mechanization, high degree of automation and high production efficiency;
4. Cost saving, less investment and quick results.
Compared with the traditional concrete silo, the self-weight of the coffee bean steel silo is one-third of it, and the cost can be reduced by 20-30%, which greatly saves investment. The speed of construction is fast, the return on investment is fast, and the rate of return is high.

SRON 12*500t Coffee Silos Project In Vietnam In 2022
In Early 2022, SRON started the project of 12*500t coffee silos system, which includes the design, delivery and construction of conveying, cleaning, receiving and dispatching, packing and electronic control systems for 12 coffee bean silos.  

Due to the high oil content, short storage period and high quality requirement of coffee, the storage properties of coffee are fully considered in the design of silo systems. We carried out strict monitoring and management on the temperature and humidity inside silo so as to monitor the quality of coffee in real time. At the same time, considering the demands for bag feeding, long-distance transportation and full automation, we solved the problems of material retention, difficulty of maintenance and labor work which may appear during feeding, dust collecting and long-distance transportation.

In the process of delivering goods, SRON set up a project team to cooperate with technical department, engineering department and other departments to ensure the successful completion of design, production, procurement and goods delivery of this project.


Where can You Buy High-quality and Cheap Coffee Bean Steel Silos?

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