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What is the Grain Storage Skill of the Steel Silo

Dec.22, 2022Keywords:Grain Storage Silo, Steel Silo Storage Grain Skill, Steel Silo

        Many people use steel silos to store grain. This is because steel silos have some incomparable advantages. Many people are curious about the grain storage skills of steel silos. In fact, the grain storage skills of steel silos are mainly divided into four parts:

Steel Silo Storage Grain Skill One: Fumigation and Insecticide
        Fumigation insecticide is based on grain silo theory, aerodynamic circulation theory, chemical control theory, using microcomputer control skills, selecting aluminum phosphide tablet deliquescence to produce phosphine gas, passing through circulation fumigation equipment, forced air circulation, and promoting phosphine gas in the environment evenly distributed in the grain pile, to achieve the purpose of effective insecticide. Phosphine circulation fumigation insecticidal technology in the northern wheat storage silo, the phosphine generator is used to dispense the pesticide. After 9 hours of spraying, it reaches a uniform state, and the fumigation control effect is good. In addition, the high airtightness of the steel silo can be used to fill nitrogen. The nitrogen in the main air duct enters the grain pile, moves evenly in the pores of the grain pile, and discharges oxygen to exert the insecticidal effect and control pests.

Steel Silo Storage Grain Skill Two: Grain Cooling
        After cooling and temperature control, the grain is kept at a low temperature below 15°C or a quasi-low temperature below 20°C, which can greatly slow down the "breathing" of the grain, ensure long-term storage and freshness of the grain, and prevent the breeding of grain insects. The grain cooler, when the temperature of the grain pile in the silo exceeds the limit, sends the cold air generated by it into the silo through the air supply system to achieve the effect of cooling the grain temperature. Grain cooling technology can maintain and moderately adjust grain moisture while cooling down. It has three functions of maintaining moisture cooling ventilation, reducing moisture cooling ventilation and conditioning cooling ventilation. It is an important technical measure for green grain storage and freshness. It can maintain and improve storage grain quality.

Steel Silo Storage Grain Skill Three: Mechanical Ventilation
        The safe storage of wheat is mainly to prevent mildew, heat and pests in the grain pile, and the key factors affecting it are the temperature and humidity of the grain pile and storage environment. Using intelligent mechanical ventilation, through the special design of the air duct, the adjustment of the ventilation timing, the temperature and humidity difference, the air volume and the number of exchanges, at the same time, the wind net design that takes into account ventilation, fumigation and grain cooling skills controls the temperature and humidity of the silo environment to prevent food hazards.

Steel Silo Storage Grain Skill Four: Grain Situation Measurement and Control
        Real-time monitoring, analysis, prediction and control of changes in grain conditions during grain storage are accomplished using modern electronic technology. The system consists of a measurement and control host computer and a measurement and control sub-unit. The measurement and control sub-units installed at each grain silo gather the grain data to the control center in a wired or wireless way automatically or manually to control the opening and closing of related equipment to achieve the purpose of cooling and dehumidification. The grain silo is equipped with electronic sensing elements for detecting temperature and humidity, which is easy to operate, and can control the temperature and humidity in the grain silo at any time, and save and print data.

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