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  • Paddy Rice Storage Characteristics:
    Easy aging
    Easy to fever mildew
    Breeds insect
    Easy germination and mildew
    Easy yellowing
  • Rice Storage Characteristics:
    Easy cracking
    Easy aging
    Easy moisture absorption and damping
    Easy moldy
    Easy to insect
  • Wheat Storage Characteristics:
    Long ripening period
    High temperature resistance
    Strong hygroscopicity
    Strong storage resistance
  • Corn Storage Characteristics:
    Strong hygroscopicity
    Not suitable for storing in high temperature environment
    Easy rancidity
    Breeds insects
  • Soybean Storage Characteristics:
    High moisture content, poor storage stability
    Strong hygroscopicity, easy heated and moldy
    Easy to deterioration of quality
    Easy to "sweat", "chaos temperature"
    Easy to precipitate out of oil, cotyledon easy to "become red"
    Anti-worm erosion ability, less susceptible for pest erosion