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How to select a right grain silo supporting machine?

Apr.17, 2022Keywords:grain machine, silo equipment, grain bin

How to select a right grain silo supporting machine?

Suitable supporting silo equipment helps to improve silo working efficiency. A right selection of supporting equipment is critical. For example, both scraper conveyor and belt conveyor are acceptable for horizontal transportation, but we need to make analysis and comparison between the two kinds of conveyors to decide which one is better according to their own advantages in other cases.

For instance, scraper conveyor can realize multi-points discharging and it has a good air tightness, while belt conveyor has not such advantages, so it is appropriate to install a scraper conveyor on silo roof. While the advantages of belt conveyor are less crushing of materials, long distance conveying and less power consumption, so only belt conveyor is acceptable in some industries that have a high requirement on material crushing rate. In addition, in the design of grain silo at large port, for avoiding material crushing and ensuring the quality of material unchanged, it is better to use inclined belt conveyor for long- distance transportation than bucket elevator, even though it may cause grain silo price increased. So the selection of grain storage facility in process design is very important, an inappropriate equipment may not only cannot meet process design requirements but also cause irreparable losses.

scraper conveyor                                                                                                                          
belt conveyor



The capacity and function of Equipment shall be matching

The selection of conveying capacity of a belt conveyor depends on silo capacity and silo feeding and discharging capacity, and silo discharging capacity shall be matching with the working efficiency of follow-up main workshops. Too large equipment may cause wasteful investment and high operation cost, while small equipment may reduce working efficiency. At present, the capacity of a ship is about between 5000 tons and 6000 tons, so the loading and unloading capacity of a truck is about 1000t/h. 

Enough space for maintenance of grain silo supporting machine

In process design, grain silo equipment maintenance platform must be taken into account. All grain warehouse storage facilities need to be regularly maintained so as to prolong service life of grain bin, including replacement of bearings and screen drum of cleaning sifter, maintenance of reducer etc. So enough maintenance platform shall be provided for operators.

Location of electric control room

Electric control room shall be located in a closed environment without dust. It can be located in a separate room, inside working tower, or under grain bin, otherwise it reduce service life of electric elements and even cause grain bin failure and other accidents.

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