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Belt Conveyor

Product Information :
Belt conveyor apply to large capacity, and long distance conveying, at high speeds, or for incline/decline applications,widely used in commercial silo, factory silo, port silo and depot silo project.

Product Information

TDSG Belt Conveyor

Apply to bulk material conveying in chemical industry or agriculture for the horizontal conveying or oblique angle less than 18°conveying.
The bearing bed is in groove three roller structure, groove angle can be 30 degrees, 35 degrees, 45 degrees. Larger the groove angle, larger conveying capacity. Inlet groove roller is in smaller distance, to prevent the conveyor belt running deviation; there is a set of self aligning rollers every 10 group conveying sections.

  • Large conveying capacity, simple structure, standardized parts, easy maintenance.
  • Equipped running deviation, stop, speed, and prevent safety detection device.
  • Conveyor head covered with glue, increase the friction.
  • Can be customized with steel cover in good sealing.

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity (t/h) Belt Width(mm) Belt Linear Speed (m/s)
TDSG50 80-100 500 1-3
TDSG65 165-200 650 1-3
TDSG80 240-340 800 1-3
TDSG100 400-500 1000 1-3
TDSG120 580-700 1200 1-3
TDSG140 750-900 1400 1-3

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