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Silo equipment for grain storage

Feb.23, 2022Keywords:silo equipment, grain pre-cleaning equipment, grain bin monitoring equipment, grain bagging equipment

Silo equipment for grain storage

Grain pre-cleaning equipment

Cylinder cleaning sifter, with high efficiency, is widely used for kinds of grain pre-cleaning. This kind of grain pre-cleaning equipment is produced with the capacities between 20-180ton/hour. Using our pre-cleaning machine, all types of grains (wheat, barley, corn, canola, soybean, etc.) are separated from all undesired materials such as dust, trash, hay, etc. There is no need of any other extra cleaning.
Double-Drum Cleaning Sifter, with Strong designed structure, high efficiency and low power consumption, its sieve hole diameter varies based on products. According to features of stored material, drum sieve angles can be adjusted through a motorized mechanism. Drum rotation speed can be adjusted electronically. During operation, the screen can be controlled through the sample receiving control points.
Vibrating cleaning sifter, the cleaning sieve of this grain pre-cleaning equipment is used for pre-cleaning of grain with a small capacity in steel grain storage silo project. The grain pre-cleaning equipment has high classification and good cleaning effect, and its sieve plate is easy to change according to stored material density. This kind of machine is equipped with fan and dust collecting device to improve dust collecting efficiency and reduce air pollution and it is optional for mobile type or fixed type.
Cleaner-Separator, applying to raw grain cleaning, mainly for wheat, paddy soybean etc. is widely used in grain storage silo project, flour factory, malt factory etc. This grain pre-cleaning equipment can remove small and large impurities, including straw, string, large impurities, broken grain, small seeds etc., classify material into light grain and heavy grain, and remove stones from material. And its Suction function can remove dust, husk and other light impurities.

Grain bin monitoring equipment/grain silo level sensor

Grain silo level monitoring sensors include radar level gauge, 3D material level meter and damped rotation level gauge. All of them have their distinctive advantages.

Grain bag filling machine:

Mobile grain bag packing machine is a patented product specially developed for the packing needs in grain storage flat silo for foreign users. This grain bagging equipment is mainly composed of a host weighing device, a belt conveyor, a self-flowing unloading device, a PLC electronic control part, and a chassis to achieve automatic operation, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. And its frame is made of carbon-bonded steel. Considering the good fluidity of grain, gate valve is used to control unloading.

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