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Talking About the Knowledge Points of Insulation Steel Silo

Dec.07, 2022Keywords:Insulation Steel Silo, Grain Silo, Insulation Bolted Silo Application

Introduction of Grain Insulation Silo

Insulation silo, also known as insulation steel silo, is a steel storage with insulation layer and surface protection layer added on the basis of bolted steel silos such as wheat silo, corn silo and flour silo to maintain the quality of stored grain or other materials. The bolted insulation steel silo designed and manufactured by SRON uses high-quality foamed polyurethane thermal insulation material for the thermal insulation layer, and the inner and outer steel plates are tightly filled to provide excellent thermal insulation function and reduce the impact of external temperature changes on grain and other materials stored in the steel silo. The insulation silo can reduce or inhibit the deterioration of the materials stored in the steel silo, greatly extend the safety period of the stored grain, and maintain the quality of the stored grain or other materials. In high temperature environment, you can choose to install grain cooling equipment to reduce the temperature in the grain silo, which can realize normal temperature storage or even low temperature storage.

Features of Grain Insulation Silo

1.Thermal insulation
The grain temperature gradient inside the steel silo is lower than that outside the silo, so it is not easy to condense.
2.Safe grain storage
Low temperature storage can increase the stability of grain storage, ensure the quality of grain, and prolong the safe storage time.
3.low cost
The insulation silo is to install the insulation layer (polyurethane foam, rubber and plastic sponge, glass fiber, etc.) on the outer wall of the steel silo. Lower cost compared to concrete silos.

Structure of Grain Insulation Silo

The insulation silo is generally divided into three layers.
The first layer is the inner layer, made of hot-dip galvanized corrugated steel sheet. The siding is corrugated or flat, and the inner wall is smooth without steps or flanges, which facilitates the discharge of stored materials from the flour silo.
The second layer is the insulation layer, which is made of high-quality foamed polyurethane insulation material with excellent insulation performance;
The third layer is color steel plate or galvanized plate, all of which are processed by hot-dip galvanizing process, with high strength, strong corrosion resistance, effective wind, rain, and sun protection, and long service life.

Application of Grain Insulation Silo

The insulation silo is widely used in places such as the seaside where the temperature difference between day and night is large and the environment is humid. They are also widely used in places where the weather is cold in all seasons and affects the vitality of seeds. The application of insulation silos can keep the stored products in a controlled state. SRON insulation silos are designed, manufactured and installed according to D-4097 standard or American Society for Testing and Materials D-3299 standard. The unique enhanced optimized design, high-quality raw materials, accurate processing precision and perfect quality assurance system provide extremely safe storage and protection for your grain. SRON has more than 30 years of professional storage silo design, manufacturing and installation experience, and can meet your special requirements for insulation and storage of grain and other materials.

About Sron Silo Engineering

HENAN SRON SILO ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. is China leading reputable EPC Contractor for grain storage silo project, closed storage yard, and grain port handling project for grain silo storage solution etc. SRON has the qualifications of Main Contractor for civil construction projects, Main Contractor for mechanical and electrical projects, and Specialized Contractor for steel structure project. We have the complete qualifications in the field of bulk material storage and transportation in China. 

SRON focuses on scientific and technological research, achieving new researching technologies each year. Currently we have 
62 patented technology, among which 7 are invention patents.

SRON have built projects in more than 30 countries and regions, including Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Mongolia, Philippines, Peru and so on, with more than 900 sets of steel silos and up to 3 million tons of materials storage capacities, SRON quality and reputation are highly recognized by global users. For more information about Sron Silo Engineering and the Storage silo solution, please 
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