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What are the roles of grain silo storage systems

Jan.21, 2022Keywords:grain silo storage system, silo cooling system, grain silo temperature monitoring system, silo ventilation system

What are the roles of grain silo storage systems

Grain silo storage systems include grain silo temperature monitoring system, silo ventilation system, circulation fumigation system and silo cooling system. Here are their roles in grain storage silo.

Grain silo temperature monitoring system:

A necessary facility for long-term silo grain storage. Through advanced grain silo temperature monitoring system, the grain temperature inside silo can be continuously monitored. The measured values of the temperature and moisture of grain piles are important basis for workers to know about the changing trend of grain condition and make an analysis on it. A complete set of grain silo temperature monitoring system shall have the functions of temperature and humidity parameter detection and collection, and grain condition analysis and control. Any sudden increase in the temperature of the grain, the system will find a warning, and promptly take rescue measures such as ventilation, fumigation, rotation, and cooling.

Silo ventilation system:

Regular ventilation of grains can help to reduce the risk of grain infection. In the selection of air duct, factors such as the purpose of the warehouse, the mode of entering and exiting the warehouse and the ratio of ventilation channels shall be considered, and select the right duct based on the requirements of uniform air supply and effective ventilation. The wind net shall be simple and symmetrical,and air duct shall have a large air outlet surface with small ventilation resistance and easy operation for construction, installation, running and management. The ventilation equipment shall be safe, reliable, and easy to operate. The pressure of the fan shall be able to overcome the total resistance of silo ventilation system, and the air volume of the fan should meet the needs of different ventilation purposes such as ventilation, cooling, precipitation, and conditioning. Use axial fan to reduce silo temperature, and install it in a high position. Use centrifugal fans or axial fans to reduce grain temperature. Axial fan has the characteristics of large air volume and low air pressure, low energy consumption and low grain moisture loss, but it needs a long ventilation time, suitable for grain conditions with a  low ventilation resistance and grain depots with longer low temperature seasons. Centrifugal fan Has the characteristics of large air volume and pressure, fast cooling and short ventilation time, but it needs higher energy consumption and causes more moisture loss in grain, suitable for grain conditions with greater ventilation resistance and situations where ventilation is urgently needed.

Circulation fumigation system:

Ventilation can only play a certain role for grain storage in tropics. If you want to ensure the quality of grains during the storage period of 3-4 months, the grains shall be fumigated and disinfected. In production, the fumigation pipeline is often combined with the silo ventilation system in the silo. It is designed as a common system for ventilation and fumigation. The ventilation duct is used as a diffuser to evenly distribute the poisonous gas in the grain pile, in favor of improving the fumigation effect and reducing investment in fumigation equipment.

Silo cooling system:

Another method for long-term storage of grains is to use cooling technology, which can reduce the grain temperature by 12-15°C. The silo cooling system can be used for emergency treatment of heating grains, prevention of condensation, storage of high-moisture grains, suppression of insects and mildew, and maintenance of grain quality. The grain cooler is suitable for grains with slightly higher moisture or temperature-sensitive grains, such as high-quality rice processed for export and grains in high temperature season.

Grain silo storage systems are essential for a long-term storage of grain.

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