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Sweep Auger

Product Information :
Silo unloaders functions to clean sweeping granular products in silo that can not unloaded by gravity flow. It applies to wheat, corn, sunflower, rape seeds etc. And sweep auger works to clear bad fluidity materials like rice husk, wood pellet and cake meal.

Product Information

Sweep Auger

Silo Sweep Auger is important equipment for big diameter flat bottom silo for clear sweeping residual materials after natural unloading. Unloader sweeps the materials to the silo center unloading point during its 360°rotation inside the silo.

Appropriate for each silo diameter and capacity, it is manufactured as robust semi-circle tube body. Screw diameter and pitch is variable. Capacity adjustment sliders are available. Screw rotation and moving of the unloader’s body inside the silo is provided with a single motor. The unloaders move or stop in the movement direction, according to the bulk’s volume.

  • The motor inside the silo, connecting with reducer to drive the unloader.
  • Drive motor located below the center of the silo, transmission mode by using a sealed box inside pulley system, can bear the high density flowing solid material.
  • The openings on the front cover of unloader can control the flow of materials.
  • When silo diameter >22m, must install extra wheel, maxim save cleaning space.
  • Customized manufacturing, whose drive systems are under the silos. Standard production is painted steel or galvanized steel.

Technical Specifications

Material TYPE S140 S170 SCD170 S210 SCD210 S280 SCD280 SCD350
Density (t/m3) Φ15m Φ18m Φ32m Φ32m Φ38m
Wheat / Corn 0.75 25 t/h 50 t/h 25-50 t/h 80 t/h 50-80 t/h 200 t/h 100-200 t/h 200-300 t/h
Barley/ Oats/ Canola Seeds 0.65 / 40 t/h 20-40 t/h 65 t/h 40- 65 t/h 160 t/h 80-160 t/h 150-230 t/h
Sunflower Seeds 0.5 / 20 t/h 15-20 t/h 30 t/h 20-30 t/h 80 t/h 60-80 t/h 110-140 t/h
Soybeans/ Peas/ Beans 0.75 / / 25-30 t/h / 30-50 t/h / 90-110 t/h 175-220 t/h
Rice (non-flooded) 0.55 / 25 t/h 15-25 t/h 35 t/h 25-35 t/h 80 t/h 65-80 t/h 130-160 t/h
Paddy (flooded) 0.55 / / 15-25 t/h / 25-35 t/h / 65-80 t/h 130-160 t/h
Wood Pellets 0.65 / / 15-25 t/h / 25-40 t/h / 70-90 t/h 140-180 t/h

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